Industry Leaders Offer Insight into the Benefits of AI Solutions for Network Operations

Prepare Your Network for The Future - Unmatched AI & ML Education

Learn How AI and ML will

Automate Your Network Operations

About Adaptive & Intent-Based Networking

The Adaptive & Intent-Based Networking Expo will address the fact that networks need to change to contend with evolving security threats, complexity introduced by software-based instances and virtualization, the growing data deluge, and the need for better performance and faster troubleshooting and service turnup.

Topics covered include: The use of AI and ML to

  • Automate Network Operations
  • Help Businesses and Carriers Address the Data Deluge
  • Address Network Scalability
  • Secure Networks and Applications
  • Innovate
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The use of AI and ML to Automate Your Network Operations

The use of AI and ML to Help You Address the Data Deluge

The use of AI and ML to Secure Networks and Applications

Who should attend?

  • BI Analysts, Architects and Developers
  • Change Management Leaders
  • C-Levels - CEO, CIO, CMO, CSO, CTO
  • Collaboration Leader/Experts
  • Cybersecurity Engineers or Team Members
  • Data Engineers and Scientists
  • Database Architects
  • Design Professionals
  • Developers - Mobile App, UI/UX, Web
  • Digital Transformation Leaders
  • Internetworking Experts
  • IoT Designers and Engineers
  • IT Infrastructure Network Engineers and Architects
  • IT Team Members
  • Machine Learning Designers, Developers and Engineers
  • Network Professionals, Specialists and Systems Admins
  • Programmers
  • Social Media Professionals
  • Systems Analysts
  • Transformation Consultants and Leaders

40% of digital transformation initiatives will use AI services by 2019


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